Holding a weekly family night, a special night that helps build stronger family unity and togetherness, can quickly become a lasting tradition. Family night can help you get to know each other better and even laugh together. There are numerous things you can do for on your special night. Here are just some of the many activities other families are doing:

Arts and Crafts Family Night

Doing craft projects and creating artwork is fun for all ages, although getting some middle and high-school aged kids to participate may be a little challenging. First, decide on an activity that is age-appropriate with the help of your children. There are numerous ideas on the Internet. A fun craft project for younger children is making playdough and using cookie cutters to cut out shapes. Next, gather up the supplies you’ll need to complete your family’s projects. When the crafts are finished, have a family art show!

Karaoke/Talent Night

If your children enjoy singing, playing an instrument or like to show off their other special talents, this idea is perfect! Use a karaoke machine or a microphone, create a stage and EVERYONE take turns participating. Don’t forget to videotape the performances!

Game Family Night

There are so many fun “board” games to play as a family. Select your children’s favorite games or try a new one that is not too complicated for the younger children to play. Games that encourage conversation are best for family night. Go Fish, Sorry, Clue Jr, Twister, Scrabble, Monopoly (or Monopoly Jr), The Game of Life, Pictionary (or Pictionary Jr), Yahtzee and Jenga are all games you may want to play with your family, depending on age levels. How about a game of Charades? Playing a game may get the whole family laughing up a storm!

Movie and Popcorn Family Night

A simple family night may consist of just renting a movie or two together and popping some popcorn. Make sure you switch the phone ringer to “off” and get all nightly chores completed before movie time. Pick a night of the week that allows everyone to be well-rested, so there aren’t any snoozers early-on. On movie night, it might be nice to have dinner all together and better yet, how about giving all family members the opportunity to pitch in during meal preparation?

Campout (or “Camp-In”) Night

Pitch a tent in your backyard and roast some tasty marshmallows over a campfire (or hibachi) . Make smores and tell ghost stories. Although be careful not to get the little ones scared to go to sleep! If bad weather won’t permit a campout, how about pitching a tent in the middle of your living room? Bet you haven’t tried this one before!

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