pumpkin beauty productsIt may be easy to think of pumpkin as simply a food-stuff or decoration, but the orange-hued vegetable is handy for other things as well. Just take its wondrous replenishing effects when it comes to your skin, hair & body. Antioxidants naturally wrought through the vegetable can offer a wonderful boost of glow to your skin, which let’s face it, we need in the wan sunless days of fall/winter!

Pumpkin in any form is rich in Vitamins E, A & C, as well as a great source of potassium, zinc, lutein, beta & alpha carotene. It is easy to get these added benefits to your skin, hair or body from partaking in yummy baked goods or dishes, but if you want the benefits without the extra inches to your waistline, just check out some of the beauty finds we discovered that make perfect use of its natural benefits.

Best Pumpkin Beauty Products

  • Philosophy has this wonderful, award-winning hair/body product that consists of shampoo, bubble bath & shower gel all in one bottle. Not only is it convenient, but it smells just heavenly as well as gives your skin & hair a boost with its natural pumpkin essence. Pumpkin Spice Muffin,  Drugstore.com/$16. (Added bonus: They have candy corn version from the same vendor as well. Score!)
  • Molton Brown’s Skinbalance Toning Lotion makes use of pumpkin enzymes to balance your skin & hold in moisture, as well as removing excess oil & soothing your skin. Quadruple bonus if you ask me. Moltonbrown.com
  • If you are like me, any semblance of normal skin on your hands vanishes at the merest suggestion of cold air. Help your poor cracked cuticles out by applying Desert Essence Hand Repair Cream in which pumpkin seed oil is aided by jojoba oil. – Drugstore.com
  • We aren’t so sure about this Pumpkin Toothpaste by Breath Chalet, but it’s definitely piqued our curiosity in its natural departure from your standard mint. – Smallflower.com
  • Help out the rest of your dry, stessed-out epidermis by treating it to Bath & Body’s Pumpkin Oatmeal Body Bar. Again using pumpkin seed oil, this bar moisturizes, cleans & imparts a healthy glow to any skin type -Sexyhair.com


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