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Ever thought about how to lose weight at home with your own routine?  Face it, the treadmill is boring.  You walk and walk, praying the time will run out before you die of boredom.  It is no wonder the treadmill often becomes a clothes hanging station before the month runs out.  Working out when you are trying to lose weight at home doesn’t have to be boring if you just use a bit of creativity.  Here are five things you can add to your workout routine that will make it both interesting and fun. Do you have sand left over from recent snow?

Try These Thing to Help You Lose Weight at Home

  1. Place some in an old pillow case and tie a rope around it.  Now drag it around the back yard!  You can walk backwards pulling it and then switch to work a different muscle group.  Will you look funny doing it?  Maybe.  But your neighbors will soon be impressed with your newly toned arms by summertime.
  2. When was the last time you jumped rope?  Jumping rope isn’t just for kids.  Buy a good adult sized jump rope and take it out for some aerobic exercise.  Once you are able to jump normally, try to double time your jumps like the boxers do.  You might be surprised at how agile you become jumping rope.
  3. You don’t have to have a weight bench in the back yard to work out your arms.  All you need is something heavy that you can grip easily in your hands.   Start with soup or bean cans.  You can lift the cans upwards, side to side and behind you for a good arm workout.  When you need something heavier, look around the house for items of equal weight.  You can use anything from heavy flashlights to small bags of sugar or even garden stones!
  4. Do you have front or back steps?  Use those to work out your legs by stepping up one or two and then back down.  Challenge yourself with a certain number of steps and then try to go ten over that number.  For an even better workout, hold two soup cans while you step.
  5. Are you planning to have a garden this spring?  Then break out the shovel now and start digging a little bit each week.  Raking and digging are excellent ways to work out both your heart and your muscles.  You can also use a sledge hammer to pound the dirt, old tires or tree stumps.  Just make sure you control the hammer, keeping it from bouncing back and hitting you.  If you have snow, offer to shovel your neighbor’s walk or driveway!

Do you have other ideas for working out with things around your home?  We would love to hear how you get fit at home without a treadmill.

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