Kids really perk up when they hear the news that school is cancelled because of snow. However, most parents aren?t too thrilled when they know that the initial excitement will wane, and their kids will be looking for something fun to do. Parents need to tend to their routines, but there are a number of activities that will keep kids occupied and interested.Here are some ideas that will work for a variety of ages.

Head outdoors and play in the snow

Getting the kids outside will give them their daily exercise and get rid of some pent-up energy. Snow offers so many great opportunities for creative play. Making a snow fort takes cooperation and planning. They can go on from there to imaginative play using the fort as their prop.

Bring out the baking supplies

Make some chef?s hats for the kids, and choose a recipe, ideally something easy like cookies or cakes. Under some parental supervision, kids can do most of the work. Prepare some frosting and let everyone be creative and decorate the cookies or cupcakes. Enjoy the treats along with a glass of milk.

Everyone helps to tidy the house

Parents can make household tasks a fun opportunity to experience the satisfaction of a job well done. Getting the kids to do some chores can be made fun by adding a little competition rewards. Kids love to set a timer and see if they can beat the clock in accomplishing a task.

Art projects

On those snow days, it?s a good time for parents to join in on some art projects with their children. You might not like the extra mess, but projects like finger painting and making and using homemade play dough are great fun.

Teach some English and math skills

Even though it?s a no-school day, sneak in some learning. There are card games like twenty-one, go-fish and Uno that are fun but also give practice with number skills. Word games like Scrabble teach vocabulary, while games like Pictionary reinforce thinking and oral expression.

Put on a new movie

No doubt there are movies your kids have never watched. You could choose a classic or an all-time favorite of yours. Sit down and enjoy the movie with them and talk about it.. Don?t feel guilty, you deserve some sit-down time on those snow days.

Read aloud together

Reading aloud together on a snowy day is a wonderful way to bond with your kids,. Take turns reading the books, talk about the pictures, find new words, and act out parts of the book.

Make the most of those snow days with your children. There are many worthwhile activities that will reinforce learning, life experience, bonding and confidence building. These snow days are bonus days for good times and child-parent bonding.

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