old socksYou have a million of them, old socks that don’t match.  Perhaps a drawer full, just in case the other one shows up.  Instead of filling your drawers with mismatched socks, read on to find out great ways you can use your old socks!

Old Socks Crafts and Hacks

  • Do your kids have jacks, marbles or chalk?  Store them in a sock to keep them off the floor and contained in a dresser drawer.
  • How about all those loose ponytail holders?  Place them in an abandoned sock and then close it up with one, giving you an easy way to know what is inside.
  • Neaten up your junk drawer by using this hack to store paper clips, twist ties  and loose screws.  You can close the old socks with twist ties and paper clips, again showing you what is in side.
  • Your dog will love a handmade sock toy that smells just like you!  Stuff two old socks into a larger one and tie both ends.  These are perfect for tug-of-war or for ripping in to as an enrichment toy.
  • Store old slivers of soap in a sock.  Tie the end off and use it in the tub as a bath scrub.
  • If you travel often, use beauty hacks to store your curling iron, hairbrushes or handheld electronic devices.  This keeps your cords neat, gives you extra room in your suitcase and protects breakable items.
  • Socks can be used to cover golf clubs.  Dye them different colors to make them fun.
  • When it is time to clean the house, place a sock on your hand and spray the sock with a dusting product.  Using a sock for dusting enables you to get in to hard to reach places.
  • Don’t forget about old sock crafts like endearing hand puppets!  Have your children decorate old socks with markers, glue and craft items.  Then, enjoy a puppet show held behind the couch!
  • Make a bun with an old sock by rolling up the sock and wrapping your hair around it.
  • Have your kids make Barbie clothes out of socks.

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