A study on cellphone radiation was published recently in the journal of Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine and found that children who use cell phones absorb twice as much of the microwave radiation waves as adults do. In this same study, claims were made that when cell phones are in one’s pocket most of the day, radiation exposure will exceed the amount of radiation exposure set forth by the Federal Communications Commission.

This study used an industry-designed method of measuring the amount of microwave radiation absorbed by children. It was determined that children who talk on the phone will absorb up to three times as much radiation. This was especially noted in the brain?s hippocampus and hypothalamus. Increased numbers were also noted in the eyes and bone marrow at a shocking ten-fold increase.

These figures are all in comparison to a tall 200 pound man who the FCC used in the study. Several people from the non-profit organization Environmental Health Trust, as well as scientists from several universities throughout North and South America, claim that the model used by the FCC is inaccurate. They go on to state that in order for this study to be accurate, several different anatomical models should be used, including pregnant women. This would provide better information related to the amount of cell phone radiation that is absorbed by adults and children.

The model used by the FCC allows children and teens to be registered cell phone owners and users because it meets the ?as low as reasonably achievable? standard. The fact remains that children are the most vulnerable to the microwave radiation and many parents and guardians are not aware of it.

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