Dr. Oz has some great tips on relieving back pain. As he says in this video, back pain is the leading reason for missed work. I found this information to be helpful and right on as I have suffered back pain for much of my adult life.

Dr. Oz recommends using ice at first and heat following the ice. Heating pads are an excellent way to apply heat. When I can’t find mine, I put a wet folded towel on a plate and nuke it in the microwave for 4 minutes, wrap it in a dry towel as it will be really hot and apply this to my back. If it’s too hot just fold the dry towel another time to put another layer between your back and the wet hot towel. I find moist heat is the best for me for relieving my back pain.

Dr. Oz suggest using anti-inflammatory or NSAIDs, over the counter drugs like, ibuprofen, naprosyn, aspirin and continuing your normal routine can help recovery.

Using products with menthol and capsaicin creams create heat and can aid in recovery and can help relieve pain.

If pain exists for more than a week, that is an indication to see a doctor and more than likely he/she will recommend physical therapy or further testing.

Watch the Dr. Oz video for more info on dealing with back pain.

Dr. Oz, Dealing with Back Pain

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