Summer is here, and with it comes the desire for scrumptious, refreshing desserts to help you beat the heat. Whether you’re craving a fruity treat, a creamy ice cream creation, or a light and airy parfait, we’ve got you covered with many mouthwatering summer dessert recipes that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Get ready to discover your new favorite summer indulgence!

In this article, you will find:

  • Enjoy delicious summer desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth, from refreshing fruit-based treats to cool and creamy ice cream creations.
  • Try out berry delicious baked goodies like Berry Chantilly Cake or indulge in tropical delights with piña colada cake!
  • Satisfy cravings with light & airy parfaits, easy puddings & custards, vegan/dairy free options and gluten free sweets.

Refreshing Fruit-Based Desserts

A small bowl of strawberry ice cream with fresh strawberries on a hot summer day

There’s something about the warm weather and sunshine that makes fruit-based summer desserts so irresistible. Not only do fruit desserts provide a burst of natural sweetness and vibrant color, but they’re also packed with vitamins and nutrients, making them a healthier option for satisfying your sweet cravings. Plus, using seasonal fruits like strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and cherries means you’re getting the best possible flavors and supporting local farmers markets.

One of our delightful fruit-based summer dessert recipes is Strawberry Cobbler, a warm, gooey dish filled with juicy strawberries and topped with a golden brown crust. Serve it with a scoop of your favorite ice cream or a dollop of homemade whipped cream for a heavenly combination. Another crowd-pleaser is Lemon Meringue Pie, featuring creamy and tart lemon curd filling, a flaky graham cracker crust, and delicious peaks of golden-brown meringue. It’s the perfect treat to enjoy on a hot summer day.

And don’t forget about easy summer dessert options that require no baking, like Fruit Tarts. These elegant pastries are filled with a layer of cream cheese and topped with a variety of fresh fruits, such as fresh strawberries, peaches, and blueberries, all glazed with apple jelly for a unique flavor. Fruit-based desserts are a refreshing way to enjoy the season’s bounty while indulging your sweet tooth.

Chilled No-Bake Treats

A key lime pie with a graham cracker crust and lime zest

When the weather is hot, the last thing you want to do is turn on the oven and heat up your kitchen. That’s where chilled no-bake treats come in, offering a delicious dessert option without the need for baking. These easy summer desserts are perfect for hot days and will leave your taste buds refreshed and satisfied.

Icebox cakes are a classic no-bake dessert that can be customized with your favorite flavors and ingredients. For example, try layering graham crackers, whipped cream, and fresh strawberries for a delightful Strawberry Icebox Cake. Or, if you prefer a tangier taste, a Key Lime Pie with a graham cracker crust and creamy filling, topped with lime zest, is the perfect treat to cool you down.

For a frozen twist, try making your own fruit bars, filled with fresh blueberries and other summer fruits. These frozen treats are not only delicious, but also a healthier alternative to store-bought ice cream bars. With so many chilled no-bake treats to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth on a hot day.

Cool and Creamy Ice Cream Creations

A chocolate dipped waffle bowl of ice cream with chocolate shavings, shortbread cookie and mint.

Nothing says summer like a scoop of cool and creamy vanilla ice cream. With endless flavor possibilities and creative mix-ins, homemade ice cream allows you to customize your dessert to your heart’s content. Plus, making ice cream at home means you can control the quality of the ingredients and avoid artificial flavors and preservatives.

One delectable ice cream creation to try is Blueberry Crumble Sundaes. These indulgent treats feature a layer of crumbled graham crackers topped with a generous scoop of blueberry ice cream and a drizzle of blueberry sauce. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even add a sprinkle of pecans or a dollop of whipped cream for added texture and flavor.

For those seeking a tropical twist, Homemade Dole Whip is just what you need. This frozen soft serve dessert is made with pineapple, banana, and coconut milk, creating a refreshing and dairy-free treat. With so many cool and creamy ice cream creations to explore, you’ll never run out of delicious dessert options this summer.

Berry Delicious Baked Goodies

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of the abundance of fresh berries available at your local farmers market. From strawberry shortcake to blueberry muffins, raspberry scones, and mixed berry galettes, berry delicious baked goodies are a great way to showcase summer’s bounty and enjoy a sweet treat. One such dessert is the Berry Chantilly Cake, made with butter, sugar, eggs, all-purpose flour, baking powder, salt, heavy cream, and a mix of fresh berries. This scrumptious cake is perfect for a summer gathering or a special treat to enjoy at home. Another delightful option is the Strawberry Tart, which begins with a buttery tart crust filled with a layer of cream cheese and topped with fresh strawberries. This dessert is as beautiful as it is delicious, making it an impressive addition to any summer table. When baking berry-based goodies, it’s essential to use fresh, ripe berries for the best flavor and texture. Adjust baking time and temperature according to the recipe, and you’ll have a berry delicious baked goodie that everyone will love.

Tropical Summer Delights

A delicious image of a tropical fruit salad, one of the best summer dessert recipes to try this season.

As the temperature rises, so does our desire for light, refreshing, and tropical summer delights. Featuring flavors like coconut, pineapple, and mango, these desserts transport you to a tropical paradise with every bite. From pia colada cake to tropical fruit salad and mango mousse, there’s a tropical dessert to suit every taste.

Caribbean Coconut Rum Cake is a moist and flavorful treat, infused with coconut and rum, and topped with a sweet glaze. This decadent dessert is sure to impress your guests at any summer gathering. For a lighter option, try a mango curd tart, featuring a crisp tart shell filled with smooth mango curd and topped with fresh fruit. The combination of sweet and tangy flavors makes it a refreshing dessert to enjoy on a warm summer day.

Incorporating tropical fruits like mango, pineapple, banana, and coconut in your dessert recipes not only adds a burst of flavor, but also provides a variety of vitamins and nutrients. So go ahead, indulge in a tropical summer delight and let your taste buds take you on a vacation.

Summer Party Crowd-Pleasers

When planning a summer party, it’s essential to have crowd-pleasing desserts that everyone will love. From red, white, and blue trifles to fruit-topped pavlovas and colorful fruit skewers, these desserts are perfect for gatherings and celebrations, adding a touch of sweetness and festivity to any event.

A Red, White, and Blue Trifle is a patriotic and delicious layered cake featuring seasonal berries, making it an eye-catching centerpiece for your summer party table. Fruit-topped pavlovas are another elegant option, with a light and airy meringue base topped with whipped cream and fresh berries. These beautiful desserts are sure to impress your guests and satisfy their sweet cravings.

Colorful fruit skewers are a fun and healthy dessert option, perfect for guests of all ages. Simply thread a variety of summer fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and pineapple onto wooden skewers, and you have a refreshing and easy summer dessert that everyone can enjoy. With so many summer party crowd-pleasers to choose from, you’ll be the host with the most delicious treats in town.

Light and Airy Dessert Parfaits

On a hot summer day a light and airy dessert parfait is just what you need to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling weighed down. Featuring layers of fruit, whipped cream, and crunchy toppings like granola or crushed cookies, these delightful parfaits are a refreshing and satisfying treat.

Strawberry Banana Granola Parfaits are a delicious example of a light and airy dessert parfait. Layer yogurt, fresh strawberries, bananas, and granola in a glass or bowl for a visually appealing and tasty treat. Another option is the Blueberry Yogurt Granola Parfait, which combines creamy yogurt, fresh blueberries, and crunchy granola for a delightful contrast of textures and flavors.

Making light and airy dessert parfaits is easy and versatile, allowing you to mix and match your favorite fruits, yogurt flavors, and crunchy toppings. Get creative and discover your perfect parfait combination for a refreshing summer dessert.

Easy Summer Puddings and Custards

Summer days call for easy desserts that can be whipped up quickly and offer a cool and creamy finish to any meal. Puddings and custards are the perfect solution, providing a delicious and satisfying summer dessert recipes without the need for lengthy preparation or baking. From banana pudding to key lime pie and lemon curd, there’s a pudding or custard recipe to suit every taste.

Banana pudding is a classic summer dessert, made with homemade vanilla custard, Nilla wafers, and sliced bananas. This creamy, dreamy dessert is a hit with both kids and adults alike and can be made ahead of time for added convenience. For a tangier option, a Key Lime Pie with a graham cracker crust and creamy lime filling is a refreshing treat that’s sure to impress.

Lemon Curd is another delightful summer dessert, offering a burst of citrusy flavor that’s perfect for a hot day. Enjoy it on its own, spread on toast, or use it as a filling for tarts, cakes, and more. With so many easy summer puddings and custards to choose from, you’ll never be short of a delicious dessert option this season.

Vegan and Dairy-Free Summer Desserts

For those following a vegan or dairy-free diet, finding delicious summer dessert options can sometimes be a challenge. But fear not, we have you covered with plant-based alternatives to classic favorites, such as vegan chocolate mousse, dairy-free ice cream, and fruit sorbets. These delicious desserts prove that you don’t have to compromise on taste when catering to dietary restrictions.

Vegan chocolate mousse is a decadent and satisfying dessert that’s perfect for chocolate lovers. Made with silken tofu, dairy-free chocolate, and sweetened with a touch of maple syrup, this rich and creamy dessert will have even non-vegans asking for seconds. For a frozen treat, try dairy-free ice cream made from coconut milk or almond milk, available in a variety of flavors to suit every taste.

Fruit sorbets are another refreshing vegan and dairy-free dessert option, made from fruit puree, sugar, and water. With no dairy or eggs, sorbets are a light and fruity treat that’s perfect for a hot summer day. With so many vegan and dairy-free summer desserts to choose from, everyone can enjoy a sweet and satisfying treat.

Gluten-Free Summer Sweets

For those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease, finding gluten-free summer sweets can be a challenge. Thankfully, there’s a wide variety of delicious dessert options that everyone can enjoy, including almond flour-based cakes, coconut macaroons, and flourless chocolate tortes. These gluten-free desserts ensure that everyone can indulge in a tasty summer treat without worrying.

Almond flour-based cakes are a fantastic gluten-free alternative to traditional wheat flour cakes, offering a moist and tender crumb that’s packed with flavor. Try a simple almond flour pound cake topped with fresh summer fruit and a dusting of powdered sugar for a delightful and easy summer dessert. Coconut macaroons are another gluten-free favorite, made from shredded coconut, egg whites, and sugar. These chewy and sweet treats are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth without the need for gluten.

Flourless chocolate tortes are a rich and indulgent dessert that’s naturally gluten-free. Made with high-quality chocolate, butter, eggs, and sugar, these dense and fudgy cakes are sure to impress even the most discerning dessert connoisseur. With so many gluten-free summer sweets to choose from, everyone can enjoy a delicious and worry-free dessert.


Summer is the perfect time to dive into the world of delicious dessert recipes. From refreshing fruit-based desserts and chilled no-bake treats to cool and creamy ice cream creations and light and airy dessert parfaits, there’s a summer dessert to suit every taste and dietary preference. So go ahead, indulge your sweet tooth, and make this summer a season to remember with these mouthwatering dessert recipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a popular summer treat?

Lemon Meringue Pie, Strawberry Cheesecake, Lemon Bars, and Strawberry Rhubarb. Pie is all popular summer treats that never seem to go out of style!

What is a good dessert to have after dinner?

Why not finish off dinner with a delicious dessert?

Try one of these 15 tantalizing treats!

Desserts that can sit in the heat?

Beat the summer heat with these 35 easy summer desserts! From no-bake cakes to sweet popsicles, you’ll be sure to find a treat you love.

What fruits are popular in summer desserts?

Strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and cherries are all popular fruits to use in summer desserts.

Can I find vegan and dairy-free summer dessert options?

Yes, you can find plenty of vegan and dairy-free summer dessert options, like vegan chocolate mousse and dairy-free ice cream.

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