fun fall activities for kidsLooking for some fun fall activities for kids? Here are a variety of suggestions for things to do in the fall. These fall activities also help you and your children spend quality time together after school and on weekends.

    1. Take a nature hike with your children. This is a great opportunity for your children to collect leaves for a special leaf project. It’s also a perfect time for you and your kids to talk about their day/week at school.
    2. Go on a hayride to a pumpkin patch and have your children pick their own pumpkins.
    3. Go horseback riding on a scenic trail.
    4. Pick apples and make apple cider or apple pie.
    5. Make homemade pumpkin pie and have your kids help.
    6. Create a scarecrow from leaves, straw and old used clothes.
    7. Help your children press fresh fall leaves and make a pressed leaf scrapbook.
    8. Bike through a national forest with your children.
    9. Take a canoe ride by colorful fall scenery.
    10. Visit a local fall craft fair, Oktoberfest or farmer’s market.
    11. Have your children rake leaves from your yard into a big pile and jump in them!
    12. Let your children finger-paint a fall scene on construction paper. They can even make fall-themed cards for friends and family.
    13. Make a fall wreath using collected leaves, pine cones, acorns and paper plates and hang it on your front door to greet visitors.
    14. During a walk in the woods, look for animal tracks and help your children identify them.
    15. Take your children to a football game, dress warm and embrace the fall weather!
    16. Make smores in a fire pit on a cool fall night.
    17. Roast Hot Dogs in your fire pit.  Better yet, let your children help you gather the sticks and a few leaves to help get the fire started. Of course, the fire part is best left to the adults.
    18. Go camping.  Fall is a great time to go camping when there are less bugs flying around.  You might want to choose your backyard if it’s the child’s first time.  That way if things take a turn for the worse, i.e. bad attitudes or temper tantrums that can come at bedtime, you are seconds away from your door!
    19. Plant bulbs for the spring.  While it can be hard for a little one to understand that bulbs won’t show their blooms until spring, they will get the idea and most love digging in the dirt making the experience a fun time and a family memory.
    20. Fly a kite!  When the wind starts blowing in the fall, it’s a great time to get your kite flying high.
    21. Take a family picture for your Christmas card.  When the weather starts turning a little chilly, it’s the perfect time to catch that perfect family photo.  Often times, people wait until the weather is really cold and they have a few short minutes to snap a photo before attitudes become apparent.  It’s best to plan ahead.
    22. Do pumpkins sink or float? Fill your bathtub high enough with water to be able to drop in your pumpkins to see if they will float. Your preschoolers will love this activity.
    23. Make a pumpkin volcano – You’ll need baking soda, dish soap and vinegar and head over to to read more on how to make your pumpkin volcano work.
    24. Make pumpkin bubbles –  Every child loves bubbles.  Scoop out a pumpkin, grab the dish soap and then visit for instructions on how to finish and observe this fall activity.

These fall activities for kids will for sure give your children something wonderful to look back upon and you will discover that they fall in love with the season forever.

fun fall activities





  1. These are great ideas for fall! We love going on hikes. We’ve never attempted to make our own scarecrow but that sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. We made a fall bucket list but I love how different you fall activities are than mine. I can’t wait to check some off my list.

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