Make Memories - Free Family Fun ActivitiesFamily fun time is very important.  We’re all busy but try to find time for family time and activities, make it a priority. You don’t have to have a ton of money to create quality time together.     You don’t have to necessarily go on a 5-day trip to Disney World to have a good time with your family. We have collected several family friendly activity suggestions that you all can do together even if your schedules are busy and your days are on the hectic side.

Picnic Family Fun

Go on an outing to your favorite local park for a few hours. Take along a picnic lunch and don’t forget the dog! If there are ducks, pack some old bread or buns. Or, explore a park that you and your family have never been to.

Volunteering Fun

Have you ever thought of volunteering as a family? Your family could collect food for a soup kitchen in your community. Or, you could all donate your time at an animal shelter or even a nursing home. There are countless volunteering opportunities to do together. Working together to help others in need can be a wonderful bonding experience.

Science Fun

You could plan a wacky science experiment. There are many creative ideas on the Internet which will surely bring out the inner scientist in your children, as well as you and your spouse.

Stargazing Family Fun

Find out when the next meteor show will occur and plan to lay out sleeping bags under the stars and watch it together. Also, obtain a star chart or planisphere that shows where the constellations are at any given day. Most children have a fascination with stargazing and astronomy. This activity provides an opportunity for conversation as well as education.

Craft Fun

Do a craft project as a family. There are countless things you can make such as a birdhouse or a wreath. A birdfeeder can be made easily out of just a pinecone, peanut butter and birdseed. Family scrapbooks are fun to create and will be a treasure for generations to come. How about doing a family tree out of colored paper or creating a family time capsule?

Cooking Family Fun

It’s always special to have your children help prepare a meal with you and your spouse, before sitting down at the family table to enjoy what you all have pitched in to cook. This may even encourage picky eaters to try new things.

Reading Fun

Reading books aloud is a great activity to do together as a family is fun, especially for children. Reading together is something that can be done in a relatively short amount of time and can become a special ritual to look forward to. Reading with your children gives you the opportunity to interact and bond with them even when you can’t find the time for a day of rides at the amusement park. You could read before bedtime, after your child is already in bed, and even during breakfast in the morning.

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