Happy Thanksgiving from Parenting Lounge

What are some of your favorite traditions on Thanksgiving? Our favorite is before the family prayer we hold hands around the table and each person tells the family what they?are?thankful for this past year.

I love hearing my children say they are thankful for a loving family. It helps me feel like I?m doing an o.k. job. We mothers need that affirmation.

Other traditions we have is of course, watching football and reading the sale pages of the paper for what is about to transpire on Black Friday. But?to be clear?we do not go out for any store sale on Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving is a family day, or it should be?but as I watch some of my friends who do not have extended families near by them create traditions of their own with other friends it warms my heart.

Thanksgiving doesn?t need to be only about family but maybe it is? about love and sharing the day with those we love. Yes, I like that idea.

Other traditions I?ve participated in is the Turkey Trot?yes, crazy people sign up and pay money to run 5k?s all over the country and some people put on turkey masks and funny costumes too. This usually takes place around 8am which leaves a lot of time for food, food, and more food as the day progresses. Perhaps the run allows?all?of us?guilt-free eating later.

Lastly, I love to hear of people who can find a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter where they can volunteer their time to help bring joy to someone else?s day by giving back. I?ve looked for those places to volunteer but to my surprise, at least in my area, they already have enough volunteers. This is priceless to find out. Others beat me to it.

I?d love to hear comments below of your family?traditions. What do you do that is special on Thanksgiving day?