Hedbanz Game Review 2Hedbanz is a new “What Am I” game for playing at parties or around the table on family game night. We have a review of the Hedbanz game and the results are in. After seeing a similar game on ICarly, a Nickolodeon TV Show for kids, I was not surprised to see a game show up on store shelves. Over the weekend we had a chance to play it at my nieces birthday party. It is made up of rubber head bands that you secure around your head and add cards with items displayed on them to the front of the band facing outward. The object of the game is to guess what is on your card. We found the Hedbanz game to be quite entertaining and a must at any party. More on how to play the game, below.

I am on my way out the door to pick up one for a Superbowl party where the adults enjoy the football game, while the kids have fun doing other things, like this. I’m guessing some moms will join in, too. And, just for the record, they also have a version for adults to enjoy.

The Hedbanz Game

The Hedbanz game comes with a stack of picture cards, each featuring an animal, food, or common object. The categories are few and simple, but this allows everyone, even young children, to get in on the family fun. And because you’ll be racing against the one-minute sand-clock timer, each round moves quickly, ramping up your energy and challenging your wit.

This board game comes with everything you’ll need to play. Your group of two to six players will be strapping on headbands, asking funny questions, and making wild guesses without complicated setups and rules.

Ask Questions to Guess Your Identity

Playing Hedbanz is simple. After dealing one card and three chips to each player, take your card and place it in your adjustable headband without peeking. When your turn arrives, ask each player a question about who, or what, you are (“Am I a food?”). If you get stuck, the sample questions card offers tips on the types of questions you might ask.

When you get a yes, your questions will become more specific (“Am I cooked?” or “Did Dad serve me for dinner last night?”) until you’re ready to guess the answer (“I am spaghetti!”). For each identity you guess correctly, you’ll discard one of your chips. If you give up, you’ll collect a chip from the chip bank and be dealt a new card. The first player to get rid of all her chips is the Hedbanz winner.

Educational Gameplay for Kids
Hedbanz is not only fun, but inherently educational. Kids will flex their deductive reasoning skills with the game’s simple question-and-answer premise. By making connections and coming up with questions that will lead to answers, kids will also practice creative critical thinking skills.

What’s in the Box
Hedbanz rule sheet, 74 cards, 24 chips, 6 headbands, and sand-clock timer.

I actually enjoy playing this games with the littles!

UPDATE:  There are now many variations of the Hedbanz Game, Adults, No Limits, Disney and more.  We haven’t had the chance to review these variations.

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