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Most of us don’t think cleaning is a fun thing to do and neither do our children. Maybe it’s time we change their minds. How often do you pick up a child?s toy from the floor simply because it is too much trouble to get your child to do it? If you are thinking ?guilty as charged,? you are not alone. Getting kids to do chores is a chore in itself, but we have some great ideas to make cleaning fun.

  • If your child is old enough to handle cleaning products, make a trip to the store and let him or her select a few things. Consider spray carpet cleaners, window cleaner, designer toilet brushes and special dusting cloths. Believe it or not, kids love to spray and wipe ? especially on rainy or snowy days. Stay green and safe by taking your child to the green products shelf.
  • Cleaning to music isn?t just for kids. When I have a big chore I often plug in my ipod and sing while I work. Kids will enjoy picking up their rooms with music blasting, dancing as they go. Encourage this by doing it yourself. You may get laughed at, but chances are they will fall right in!
  • For younger children, begin by hiding a few special treats in their room, especially under a toy resting on the floor. Help them clean, encouraging them to find the treat. Don?t make cleaning a long chore for young ones, sticking to five or ten minutes at a time.
  • Purchase bins or shelves for your child?s room. Let him or her organize with them. If your child is able to choose where items go, things will probably stay there more often than not.
  • For older children, chore charts can split the work between siblings and parents so more time can be spent having fun together. Have a family meeting and allow everyone to work on the chart together. Consider each child?s talent and be creative. Can one do all the kitchen prep work? Would another rather mow the lawn on a sunny day then clean bathrooms?

How do you make cleaning fun for your kids?

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