The TV show ?Jeopardy? netted its highest ratings in six years with its man vs. computer theme this week. ?Watson,? a mega-computer created by IBM, competed in two exhibitions with Jeopardy?s most successful, flesh & blood champions, Brad Rutter & Ken Jennings.

?I for one welcome our new computer overlords,? Ken Jennings was shown writing on his Jeopardy screen after Watson completely blew both him & Brad Rutter into the stands with the overwhelming win.

The final Jeopardy answer was ?Who is Bram Stoker,? of which all three contestants got right, but it didn?t matter, as there was no way either human could possible overtake the computer?s whopping $77,147 total at the end.

Rutter & Jennings? total was $21,600 & $24,000 respectively.

At stake was a grand prize of one million dollars, of which IBM has said will donate to the charities World Vision and World Community Grid.

Ken Jennings hold the record for most games won in a row, and Brad Rutter boasts winning the most money according to the show?s history.

Other than the win, the show?s most memorable and weird moment came during the final Jeopardy session of the first exhibition, where host Alex Trebek stated that the clue was, ?Its largest airport is named for a WWII hero. Its 2nd largest for a World War II battle.?

Both Jennings & Rutter guessed correctly that the answer was ?What is Chicago,? but Watson the supercomputer came back with, ?What is Toronto.?

Both Rutter & Jennings don?t have much to cry over though, not only did they both walk away with $200,000 and $300,000 respectively, they also can revel in the fact that although they were beat soundly by a computer, it still remains a man-made machine.

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