Looking for a kids chore app and need some motivation to get them moving?  Between juggling work, home, and spending quality time with our little ones, let’s admit it: the parenting journey isn’t always a cakewalk. One minute, I’m pretending to be a dragon with my and the next, I’m wondering how the playroom turned into a scene straight out of Jumanji. Can you relate?

Chore Apps for Kids: My Top Picks

Well, I’ve found a great solution, best chore apps for kids. Yep, it’s a thing! Now, before you imagine your child vacuuming with an iPad in hand, let me explain. These apps are a fabulous way to teach responsibility while making housework kinda… fun? I know, sounds too good to be true. But stick with me.

TIP:  I find my kids will get bored with using one kind of reward system, so I’ll use one and then after attention wanes, I’ll do another.

Get info on the best chore apps for kids including helping with laundry.

OurHome Chore App

Starting with a personal favorite, OurHome isn’t just for kids. It’s perfect for the entire household. Imagine a central hub where you can list out chores, assign them, and even add rewards. Jake, my seven-year-old, is working towards that new LEGO set, and he knows that every chore he completes brings him closer. Let’s just say the dog has never been fed on time more consistently!

ChoreMonster Chore App

Say hello to ChoreMonster, the app that turns chores into a game. Every time my child completes a chore, they earn points. And those points? They can be traded in for rewards we’ve decided upon, like a trip to the ice cream parlor or extra bedtime stories. Plus, there’s a feature where kids can see and track their progress, so they’re motivated to keep going.  This one gets the top vote from ParentingLounge.

iAllowance Chore App

Money talks, right? iAllowance works a little differently. Instead of just chores, you can track allowances, set up piggy banks, and teach your child about saving. My daughter’s saving up for a special art set, and every time she puts away her toys or helps with dinner, she sees her virtual piggy bank grow. Real-life money skills in the making!

S’moresUp Chore App

The cutely named S’moresUp is all about family management. It’s more than just a chore app. It’s a calendar, a scheduler, and even a behavior tracker. So if you’re looking for an all-in-one, this might be your pick. We use it to coordinate family events, track school assignments, and yes, manage those pesky chores.


Last but not least, Homey is all about teaching financial literacy through chores. You can assign jobs that are tied to allowances, savings, or even bonuses. Every time my son does something extra special (like cleaning up without being asked), he gets a bonus. It’s a great way to teach about work ethic and the value of a dollar.

Why I Love These Apps

A mom and child celebrating accomplishments on a chore app

Structure & Routine: These apps provide a clear structure. Kids know what’s expected, and they can see their progress.

Motivation: Rewards, points, games – it’s all there to make chores less “ugh” and more “let’s do this!”

Life Skills: Beyond cleaning and organizing, these apps teach responsibility, money management, and even time management.

Family Time: Believe it or not, these apps have given us more family time. Since chores are now a streamlined process, we get to spend more moments playing and less time nagging.

Give one (or a few) of these apps a go. Who knows, you might just find yourhome turning from Jumanji back to the peaceful oasis you remember… or at least close to it!

Homemade Kids Chore Systems

So, you’ve decided to steer clear of apps and want to keep it old school? Love it!  I’ve been down the chore system rabbit hole many times. And guess what? There are some super fun, low-tech ways to get those little hands helping around the house.

TIP:  Look for digital downloads for printables on Etsy or do a Google search as there are plenty.  Etsy does charge a little while most on search engines are free.  While my creative side wants to sit down on my laptop and whip up a beautiful creative chore chart, I really don’t have time.

The Classic Sticker Chart

Remember these from our school days? They’re still as golden. Grab a poster board, sketch out a grid, and assign a sticker for each chore. When your child completes a chore, let them pick a sticker to slap on the chart. After a certain number of stickers, they get a reward. It could be a favorite treat, a movie night, or even an afternoon at the park.

The Treasure Box

Now, this one’s a hit in our home! I’ve got this decorated shoebox, which I’ve fondly named the “Treasure Box”. Every time a chore is done, they get to pick a little treat from the box. It’s filled with inexpensive trinkets, like crayons, bouncy balls, or little storybooks.   Here are some things you can put in a treasure box.

Stickers: There are so many varieties out there – animals, stars, dinosaurs, princesses… you name it!
Temporary Tattoos: Always a hit! Just make sure they’re safe and non-toxic.
Bouncy Balls: Simple, but my kids can somehow play with these for hours.
Mini Coloring Books: Sometimes you can find these in the party section or dollar stores.
Crayons or Colored Pencils: You can get small packs or even just a few wrapped together with a ribbon.
Pencil Toppers or Fun Erasers: My daughter especially loves the ones shaped like cute animals or food.
Bubble Bottles: Who doesn’t love bubbles?
Keychains: Especially ones with fun, squishy, or light-up features.
Whistles or Small Musical Instruments: Parents, proceed with caution. The noise is real.
Small Notebooks: For jotting down their “big” ideas or doodling.
Rubber Stamps: They come in so many fun designs and can keep kids entertained for quite a while.
Mini Play-Doh or Clay Packs: For those little sculptors in the making.
Fake Jewelry: Think plastic rings, bead necklaces, or stick-on earrings.
Yo-Yos: A classic that never really gets old.
Plastic Figurines: Animals, dinosaurs, or even characters from popular shows or movies.
Finger Puppets: These can lead to some impromptu puppet shows!
Slinkys: Another timeless toy, and the mini versions are just as fun!
Glow Sticks: Perfect for indoor evening fun or backyard nighttime adventures.
Magnifying Glasses: My son loves playing detective with these.

Chore Bucks

Print out some fun money – call them “Chore Bucks” or whatever tickles your fancy. Every time a chore is done, your little one earns some bucks. At the end of the week, they can trade them in for a reward. This could be anything from choosing the dinner menu for a night or getting an extra bedtime story.

I’ve actually used pennies in mason jars for this one and put the jars on the kitchen window sill for my kids to see.  It works!

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Chore Card Scratchers

Love how fun this is:  Create your own scratchers.  I suggest this for children who are old enough that they don’t put coins in their mouths.  You can also use alternate was of scratching them off without coins, like the edge of a spoon handle!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make homemade scratchers, https://www.notimeforflashcards.com/2012/03/scratch-off-chore-chart-for-kids.html

Punch Cards

Similar to loyalty cards at coffee shops, every time your child completes a chore, punch a hole in their card. Once it’s fully punched, they’ve earned themselves a reward! My kids get a kick out of seeing those holes add up.

The Mystery Envelope

Write down different rewards on slips of paper and put each in an envelope. Once your child completes a set number of chores, let them pick an envelope. The suspense of what’s inside makes chores feel like a game of chance!

The Chore Jar

Fill a jar with popsicle sticks, each one labeled with a chore. Every day (or week), your child picks a stick and completes that chore. Once done, they can exchange the stick for a little reward or point. It’s a fun way of ensuring a variety of chores are tackled.

What’s great about these apps:

Tactile Fun: Unlike digital systems, these give kids something tangible. There’s joy in pasting that sticker or picking a popsicle stick.

Life Lessons: While they’re fun, these systems also subtly teach responsibility, patience, and the concept of earning.

Family Bonding: Setting up these systems can be a family activity. Decorating the treasure box or designing chore bucks can turn into a fun crafting afternoon.

Flexibility: These systems are easy to adapt as kids grow. The chores and rewards can evolve as they do.

Honestly, in this high-tech age, going low-tech has its charm. There’s something undeniably sweet about seeing your child’s face light up over a sticker or the mystery behind choosing an envelope.

Wrapping it Up

Remember, the key is consistency. Whatever system you choose, stick to it, and make it a part of your routine. And if one doesn’t work? No biggie! Just try another. It’s all a part of the beautiful, messy adventure we call parenting.

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