Alert ID is the first child safety system created to accommodate parents with aid if their children are missing or hurt. The system is completely secure & private that gives immediate attention to the fact that a child is in danger by alerting the proper authorities whether it be the police or the paramedics. The system also provides the authorities vital information about the missing child as well as informing the parents and friends of the child of the problem through text, email & phone transmission.

AlertID was created by two mothers, Keli Wilson & Eve Fritsche as the ultimate technology for protecting children. They found that previous solutions had been too inadequate as they did not provide the information that was needed at a moment?s notice in case of an emergency. As according to statistics, a child goes missing or is injured every 2 seconds, anything that can save time is crucial.

?What if your child gets hurt at school, and you’re away on a business trip? How would parents be able to help, or get information to the appropriate people fast? AlertID bridges the gap to get current information to the right person to protect children,? said Eve.

?Our goal for 2010 is to give away 1 million online child health & ID kits completely free,? according to Keli. ?The system integrates with law enforcement and health care providers, but most importantly it helps protect children and gives parents peace of mind.?

For more information and to receive a free kit, please see the website at

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