painting ideas for kidsKids love to paint so have have some great tips to pass on. After a few creations on plain paper, children might become bored and ready for the next project. The next time you paint, try a new approach to an old favorite. Here are some wonderful painting projects that young children will really enjoy!

  • One of my child’s favorite ways to paint is with marbles. This type of painting requires the direct supervision of an age appropriate child because marbles can be choking hazards. First, squeeze several circles of color on to a paper plate. Let your child dip marbles in the colors. Place a sheet of paper in a baking pan. Have your child put the marbles on top of the paper and roll them around in the pan. The pan can be lifted and tilted or the marbles can be moved around by hand. Either way, the result is a wonderful painting full of colorful lines and circles.
  • Apple Painting is a common tool used in kindergarten classrooms. Slice an apple in half and let your child use the apple as a stamp. But don’t stop at apples! We have experimented with all kinds of fruits and vegetables in our refrigerator. We’ve even picked flowers and leaves from the back yard. This adds a bit of science to your art session.
  • Straw Painting is a bit messy but is tons of fun. Let your child put circles of paint on paper. Then in a safe area, let him or her blow air on to the blobs of paint through a straw. This is “homemade air brushing” at its best!
  • Mirror Image painting is both educational and interesting. Fold a piece of paper in half. Have your child quickly paint one side and then fold the paper on to itself. This will create a mirror image and a brand new picture!

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