Potty training requires cooperation between you, your child and your daycare provider. A deal of patience is needed from everyone involved. The process can be difficult if you expect too much, too soon. A child needs to be physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to begin. Some instances where potty training should be postponed are:

  • If the family is moving
  • A new baby is due
  • Another family member having an unexpected illness
  • When there is a lot of tension in the home (such as a loss, grief, job, etc.)

You should start by letting your child casually sit on his own special potty chair. Do not force him/her to sit there. Allow him /her to come and go. If your child likes reading books, most do, give a book look at while sitting on the potty. A child needs to feel comfortable with the new habit.

Next you need to show your child the intended purpose of the potty chair. Every time he or she has a bowel movement, dump the contents into the potty chair. Allow them to view the contents and say “this is where potty goes.” After a few times your child will begin to understand that it is ok for the potty to go here. It is important to be patient during this time as you want it to become a happy moment instead of one filled with tension. After the bowel movement encourage your child to sit on the potty seat. You should reward success with a hug, kiss or a treat.

Never criticize a child when there isn’t success and don’t want to expect too much. This is a learning process for and potty training takes time, just like walking and crawling. A child must feel comfortable and that will lead to the next step of development.

You shouldn’t compare him/her to other children that might have had success faster. Each child is different and they will send you signals letting you know they are ready for the next step. A punishment should never follow an unsuccessful attempt. This only makes the child want to give up and go back to babyhood and makes the Big Boy or Big Girl stage too hard. Accidents will happen as it is a part of potty training. If your child protests you might want to try another day. It might be too soon.

Once your child has a successful attempt in his/her chair, you should begin to schedule trips to the potty. Take your child and place him on the potty once every hour. As he begins to understand the process and reasons why he/she is sitting on the potty, he will begin to be able to have more bladder control. He will have fewer accidents and be able to hold the urine in his bladder for longer periods of time. Eventually your child will understand what you expect.

Good habits start early. Show the child how to wipe from front to back to avoid bacteria in the genital area. Tell them to wash their hands with soap and have them dry their hands completely. Children love to play with water so this should be a fun part of potty training.

As your child gets older he/ she will begin to go to the bathroom on his own. Night bladder control should be accomplished by the age of five. If you are still having the child wet at night at that age you should discuss it with your doctor.

More Potty Training Tips:

  • fewer drinks after dinner
  • no drinks within an hour before bed
  • use the potty just before bed
  • Prescribed medications

You may want to seek the advice of your pediatrician if you have any concerns.


  1. These are great tips. My kids were stubborn and took a bit to potty train. When I backed off they finally decided to use the potty.

  2. I am about to start working with my youngest on potty training so this is great! My oldest was SO easy, I barely had to do anything.. So I am sure this boy will be my pain

  3. Potty training is really hard. I had one child who I tried everything to get him to go potty. He was 3 when it finally happened. Then my daughter, who was barely 2, decided to use the potty and never turned back. it took 3 days. Go figure.
    Nevertheless, these are certainly good tips to get your child potty trained. It works if your child wants to do it.

  4. Lauren Davis

    These are great tips, my friend has a child at this age I will deffo be sharing with them 🙂

  5. My kids night time trained before day time. The boys had a hard time with potty training and needed more time than my daughter.

  6. my mom says that she was able to negotiate me when I was about to turn two about not using diapers anymore. she said that if I wanted to have a birthday party like a big girl I needed to. it worked out perfectly because i was able to stop using diapers.

  7. It was actually my son?s daycare provider who told me he was ready-seems they firnhim in with their potty trainers early and began working with him and once they realized he was catching on, told me tips and he was trained nice and early. I lucked out

  8. Awesome guide for parents who are potty training their child or those who are about to potty train especially for the first time. It also helps to assess whether your child is ready to be potty trained or not.

  9. This are amazing tips! I have a few friends who are potty training so I will definitely be sharing this with them! I’m sure they will appreciate it.

  10. We had one of this for both of my kids and it was an important step of their training. Thank god we had this. Would recommend to anyone.

  11. I don?t have kids yet but I will definitely be referring back to this! I remember from my younger sisters that potting training can be difficult but these tips look very helpful!

  12. Brittany

    These are some great tips. This is exactly where we are in parenthood. Potty training time!! Luckily our preschool helps us out…but at home our daughter doesn’t even care to use the potty….

  13. Blair Villanueva

    These are awesome tips! My bestfriend have her baby who is under potty training, your post will be more helpful to her. I will share this to her 😀

  14. I don’t have children so I don’t know about the struggles a new mom has with potty training. However, I do have a friend with a 6 months old baby and I will share this post with her. I am sure she will find it so helpful.

  15. Meagan Badore

    Potty training can be so hard on some families. We struggled with #3 to potty train. These are all great tips to help families through potty training.

  16. potty training is a consistent thing. I think some parents have such a hard time because they just give up and rather do a diaper change is all about persistence.

  17. These are great tips! I’m definitely going to have to share these with my sister! Thank you!

  18. Really great suggestions for potty training. It’s really not an easy task. I don’t even remember how I got through it with my two kids. Maybe it’s a blur for a reason…i probably blocked out the trauma….lol.

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