Save with Applebees gift cards, get $20 backInevitably, we eat out while Christmas shopping and when your family is with you, the restaurant bill can get quite large.  A few years ago an Applebees waitress told me how if you buy a $50 gift card, you will get a bonus $10 card.  I bought 2 and saved $20 on our meal that day!  We had extended family with us and what a blessing this savings was.

It gets better!  This year they are giving $20 worth of bonus gift cards when you buy one $50 gift card.  It’s a no-brainer.  With the economy the way it is currently, I’ll take anything to help my family budget.  Groceries are through the roof.

From Applebees website, “Buy $50 in Gift Cards and receive TWO $10 Bonus Cards. Offer available online only at Note: Bonus Cards have an expiration date just like a coupon. ”

Offer ends 11/27/2023

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