It is the weekend and your kids are bored and need things to do., but payday isn’t until next week so a movie, arcade or activities that cost money is not an option.

What can you do with your kids that won’t cost any money?

We have seven free things that will guarantee a fun time without spending a dime.

  • Playgrounds: This sounds like an obvious answer, but it doesn’t mean running to the closest park. Before you venture out, search for local parks in different cities around you. You might be surprised at the choices, from large constructed play structures to parks with walking trails, rivers and bike paths. Bring a picnic lunch that your child helps to prepare. Don’t forget the blanket!
  • Pet Stores: Most cities have large pet stores that are almost like mini-zoos. Look for a family owned pet shop or pet stores that sell fish or exotic animals. Walking down aisles of fish tanks is not only fun, but free!
  • Fly a Kite: When was the last time you actually flew a kite? Make one from online instructions or buy an inexpensive one from a discount store. Give your child three options for places to launch the kite. Make a few tails to try out for fun or send a leaf up to the sky by tying it loosely in a free-moving loop to the kite string.
  • Zoo: When was the last time you went to the zoo? Many zoos are free and have indoor exhibits for cooler winter days. Some offer free activities for children too.
  • Nursery: Not the baby kind, but the plant kind! Do you have a large scale nursery that includes indoor buildings? Many of these have fish ponds, exotic plants and even birds flying through the buildings. Going to a large scale nursery is a surprisingly fun activity that won’t cost you a cent.
  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles: When my children were young I often took them to the observation deck outside of the airport. They loved watching the planes take off and land, dreaming of trips they might one day enjoy. Some cities have free train and car museums, while others have trains stores that contain wonderful layouts.
  • Library: Does your child have a library card yet? Take a trip to the library and check out plenty of books and tapes. Don’t forget to take your child to the non-fiction area too. Kids love dog care books, horse books and others that can’t be found in the children’s section.

Your city probably contains a few free hidden gems that you aren’t even aware of. Go to a tourism site about your local city and be surprised at what your region has to offer. What do you do with your kids that doesn’t cost a lot?

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